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How it all Works


We are a gig site for the artistic & entertainment community. Jump on in and make some money!!


Update your profile

The first thing you will want to once you log in for the first time is update your profile. To do this click on your name on the top right-hand corner and use the drop-down menu to go to “My Account”.  On the left sidebar menu, you will see “Settings”, once you have clicked on settings the next page will allow you to complete your profile and add pictures of your work. You can select skills that you have so buyers can contact you via our messaging system to buy your products or enlist your services.


Posting a project

You can post a project needed to be done or a project by simply clicking on the top bar button that reads “Post Project”, fill out the form and attach any media you would like added in the listing. You can add embed a video by putting the link in the post (featured listings only).  An admin will look it over and approve it shortly!

To post a listing for an affiliate product,  program, including brand ambassadors, you must post in the “Affiliate Zone” area. If you post in a different area, your ad will not be approved.



The customer deposits money into an escrow account and once the job is done, the buyer can release the money from escrow, and the seller can withdraw the money via PayPal or Stripe.

Sellers can withdraw at their leisure and payments are processed on Sundays via Stripe or PayPal.


Accounts are free for both buyers and sellers. 


Fees For Service

Unlike most freelance sites, we do not charge a monthly fee for membership instead, our fees are based on usage of the site.


Our Fees for service are as follows
  • Project Posting:  Free and $5 extra for featured. Regular listings run for 30 days and 90 days for a featured listing
  • Affiliate Zone Posting $10 and an extra $5 for a featured listing.
  • Escrow Fee: 3% of the total deposit
  • Commission Fee: 20% of each job completed the payment
  • Transaction Fee: 3% for Deposit into Paypal or Stripe Account.


A note about taxes

We payout via PayPal and Stripe, if you go over the threshold of income generated that the government in your locale expects you to pay taxes,

The companies will send you a form to file. We do not hold taxes or report your earnings, nor do you get any tax forms for utilizing our services.



Everyone has to start somewhere right? We depend on User Feedback as a way for people to work with ethical and reliable folks. Make sure to give an honest opinion! Good Feedback will give you gold stars, the higher rating you get-the more you will be featured on our main page and our social media sites.


What can you sell?

Nearly anything! Crafts, art, music you made, services, etc. Affiliate Products and Programs are allowed in the “Affiliate Zone” only.

We do not allow MLM programs or products.

If you don’t see a category for what you do, suggest it!


About Pornography

This is evaluated on a case-by-case basis as a work of art could be considered pornography to some. If there is an issue, we will let you know! If your service falls in line with any type of human trafficking or child abuse, child pornography, kidnapping, etc you will be reported to the authorities.


We approve every post manually, if you post something that doesn’t adhere to the site terms, your post will be deleted and you will forfeit any balance earned and posting fees.




Our Affiliate Program

Every user of the site is welcome to take part in the affiliate program. For each person you refer, you get 10% of the project posting fee they pay for as long as you are a user of the site. You can cash out whenever you like, as long as you have $1 in earnings and your withdrawal will be processed the following Sunday. This is a great way to get yourself promoted and help us grow!


Facebook Group

If you are interested in networking, promoting, sharing war stories with your fellow users join us on our Facebook group!


That should cover it! We are excited to start our adventure with you!


Still, have questions? Contact us! 

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